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"Success is not only in the making, but also in the giving." 


Born and raised in Columbia, SC, Ryan grew up in a single parent house hold with his older brother and sister while watching his mother work two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. While seeing the struggle endured and the sacrifices his mother made to keep everything alive and well, a fire developed inside of him to want more. To want to repay his mother for all of the sacrifices she made. He also made a declaration that he would not take life for granted and give everyday he was granted on earth 100 percent.


At the age of just 5 years old, Ryan lost his older brother to gun violence. Who was sixteen years old at the time. It was a tragic and devastating moment for him as well as family and friends. That death took a huge toll on his mother, Elleanor, so much so that she wasn’t able to return to work for a year.

Ryan progressed through grade school and received his high school diploma from Spring Valley High school in Columbia, SC. Attended Midlands Technical College for a short period while pursuing an associates degree in Criminal Justice. At the young age of 13 after riding in a family member’s semi truck, Ryan put it into the atmosphere that he would one day own his own transportation company before he knew anything about the business.


While in grade school, Ryan played team sports that helped mold his mindset to be a winner, an over achiever, disciplined, and a hard worker. Sports helped him understand that nothing is given in this world. If there is something that you want, youare going to have to work hard for it as well as be consistent and strategic. Hence these attributes would be within him for the rest of his life. It became apart of his identity and it provided major pillars for his success today.


Once a warehouse worker for McDonald’s distribution center in Lexington, SC. He wanted more, and he needed a way out without losing income. It was at that point his dream of starting his very own transportation company from the age of 13 was to finally ignited. He took advantage of the opportunity to get his commercial drivers license, got his experience, and decided to step out on faith and a plan 8 months later. As of today, he is the successful chief executive officer and founder of RMS Carriers, LLC, based out of Columbia, SC.

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